Monday, December 5, 2011

... Er, Hello December?

Ah, yes.  December.  When did you arrive?  And have already made yourself at home, yes?  Hmm.

Things seem darkest before the dawn...

We can venture to guess that my resolution was not to become a better blogger.  Unfortunately for me, my woes from slicing my palm open

One thing is for certain... I shall always run with bells on.

Granted, I do have a wonderful and varied list of excuses, but the predominate one was illness.  My stomach decided it would engage in a 72+ hour dance-a-long of Breakin' 2:  Electric Boogaloo.  Many of those hours spanned along the very weekend I had decided (wisely?  foolishly?  B'klyn<3erly?) to run two races in a row:  Frosty's 5K (part of Surf-n-Santa 10 Miler event) and Christmastown Dash 8K (to which all I can say is that I really wish I had this shirt to wear for the fools that Chick-fil-A are being... and my understanding is that this is not the first time).

I will never (ever) look cool while running.

In any case, running was accomplished and (once yet again) I am working on improving myself and improving my run.  This month's goals include:

1) Work on the running.  I have magazines, I go to events... but am I really doing all of the analysis I see other people and bloggers and magazine writers doing?  No?  Playing it by ear like a piano.  Considering how into metrics I am in when it comes to the silly number, perhaps my efforts are better spent on analyzing the number known as pace.

2) To exercise for at least 30 minutes every day, and I mean every day.  Minimum.  No excuses.  Not even being sick.  Been a fun goal so far, thank you B'klyn<3 of the past who set it!

I felt best this day.  Until I learned we had to run up the
coaster that's behind me.

3) To work on my I Hate Everything® attitude.  Which I had been... but need to do more.  Deeper and better.  A story about that to follow.

4) To lose the 4 pounds I gained during the past two weeks of Holiday Celebration, Palm Slashing Misery, Woe is Me-ism, Sickness (though most of those came right back out, so I don't think they count), and Out of Townessness (where I ate not a lot due to illness, but there were a couple of high-ticket items certainly).

Right about here is where I break into a
Jennifer Hudson WeightWatchers Commercial

Forever the work in progress is me.  And that's a fine thing.  I'd be bored otherwise.

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