Wednesday, April 6, 2011

No One Was Asking, "Where's The Beef?!"

Haha.  Yes, I am old.  Thank you.

A Ukrops 10K Update is upcoming, I'm just waiting for some photos (hint, hint, The Husband of mine).  I thought I would talk to you, in the meantime, that while I will not be a vegetarian (yet?), I am getting more and more behind less meat and meatless meals.

I've made two this week that were fabulous and hope you give them a try!

The first was a Mark Bittman recipe (he's really becoming a favorite) that I scoped from his less pasta proposal  in 2007 for Pasta with Winter Squash and Tomatoes.  I stuck to the recipe, using probably the most EVOO I've used in any recipe in about 2 years, but I did wind up dividing the portions up to 6 because between the squash and (even reduced) pasta (which, actually, is a serving size per originally proposed servings to begin with I think), it was a lot of food.  Talk about deliciousness!  I used butternut squash (I cubed it like the picture in the article, but I wish I'd shredded it like he does in the video) and farfalle (we had company, and I thought bowties were dressy).

The second came from Vegetarian Times, as I lament that there weren't a heck of a lot of vegetarian recipes in my current books that I wanted to try... I saw this magazine at Ye Olde Grocery Store and thought, "Why not?" This recipe I did mod by adding some garlic (gaaaaaaahlic, as I had no garlic infused olive oil) and crushed red pepper with the  shallots (as B'<3 loves her some heat).  Bok Choy Skillet Supper was on the menu... Nutty bulgur and earthy mushrooms, tender-crisp bok choy... and so easy to make too!

Give it a try, or I encourage you to try a meatless meal for dinner.  There are many on the interwebs and in books that sing the praises of doing so for the health and/or for the environment, but here is my reason you should... veggies are good!*

*Yeah, it took me about 30 years to get on that bandwagon.  Better late than never?

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