Monday, March 28, 2011

The Husband Makes A Funny

Today's Meatless Monday had me greeted with the smell of The Husband's bacon (which he makes very well, but I had to rush out the door to see the doctor for my yearly, so temptation was avoided successfully).

Once again, without much difficulty... except I did learn that even a 5-ingredient dish can be a PITA* if it wants to be.  I've never cooked a lentil in my life, though pictures of masala I found on the inter-webs suggested that I maybe did it right.  Not sure.

Dinner was Weight Watchers Just 5 Red Lentil and Black Bean Masala, and while I'm not sure I did any of it right, it came out very delicious.  I even included (as The Husband loves to call it now) "Random Spinach."  It was, however, an incredible mess to make and clean up... fortunately, the worth it kind.

The most delicious item, however, was the below snippet of conversation while we waited for dinner to finish... dinnering.

B'klyn<3: [Hint of sarcasm] Vegetables?  I hate vegetables.

The Husband:  I just want you to know this is, like, the first conversation of three conversations that leads to you being a vegetarian.

I wish you all A Very Merry Messy Meatless Monday!

*Pain in the patootie.  Except replace "patootie" with a similar word beginning with the letter "A".**
** This is not an invitation to come up with other words for "patootie" beginning with the letter "A", to be clear.

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  1. Then after that, you can become a vegan, and you'll have to give me all your yarn and danskos.