Wednesday, September 28, 2011

So Diem!

Beautiful and Meat Free!  Thank you, Tofurky!
Once upon a time, I was a big fan of salt.*  I would put salt on everything that wasn't ice cream (and trust me, I was tempted).  I think I would have eaten a salt lick if I could...

Until the day I did.  A mushy, creamy salt lick.

The Husband was making Jambalaya (as he was want to do) and for some reason he used salted Cajun spice mix (that had salt) and also used salt.  I would have thought this was heaven... until I had a taste.  Two thoughts then occurred:

1)  There is such a thing as too much salt.

2)  I would never, ever have Jambalaya again.

(Let's add this to the list of nevers... never lose the weight, never get healthy, never give up meat, etc...*)

Do you see the creaminess?  This was gorgeous!
This would be until I came across a recipe for Jambalaya in my new cookbook Peas and Thank You.  pea daddy's jambalaya!  (This one is also available online).  I'm not sure what drew me to it (other than I'd been cooking from the book and find the book an enjoyable read and the recipes delicious so far).  I figured maybe a meat free version, not calling for so much salt or meat, might actually taste good.  

Also, it made me think of the love of my life, The Husband.  He was really a big fan of the Jamalayas.  Maybe another try was in order.

Let me tell you; lesson the first turned out to be a very true one.  Without salt overpowering/killing the flavor, what you are left with is a wonderful, subtle play of flavors from the veggies, broth and seasons.  The rice was creamy and delicious.  This was my first Tofurky experience and I thought they were heavenly delicious.  The Husband thought the fakey-sausage okay, but it did at least start a jumping board for more meatless ideas.  In my mind, that's a good thing.

So, creamy and dreamy enough for me, delicious and not too spicy for The Father-in-Law (who was our very special guest that night), and for The Husband?  A wonderful conveyance of the much salt he added afterward.

He hasn't learned lesson the first yet.

Give it a try, I think you'll likey!
Unchanged?  The way I always walk around saying
Zatarain's in my most gravely voice, whether the product
had anything to do with the meal or not...
* Of the non-pizza foods and/or spices.

* Why did not ever "never" being a millionaire?

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