Sunday, February 6, 2011


Old picture, but... I can knit a million rows,
and it still looks this short to me!
I was able to go back and fix the massive (read incredibly tiny) mistake on my sweater, and we're back on track.  As is my nature, it is taking me forever (I never have time) but I'm very close to finishing the back and working on the bottom ribbing.  Then, just some sleeves, a collar... I may finish it before the earth clock runs out at the end of 2012.

It's really a shame.  My income of yarn far surpasses my output of knitted paraphernalia.  Sometimes it is a pain to have so much you want to do!

Beautiful day for a run and snap!
Speaking of which, I decided a few days ago to change one of my running days to Sunday in order to explore other places I can run.  I realized that sometimes I feel super-charged just by having a change of scenery (like when I've gone running on out-of-town vacations.  So, The Husband loaded up his bike to the car and we went out where he could bike a bit and I could run.  The picture I grabbed does not really do it justice... the weather was nice, and there were much prettier scenes though I had difficulty considering I was actually running at the time I tried to take the snap.  Very fun run, and the change of pace I needed, though I suddenly had to pee at the start and I did get into minor trouble for running onto private property (I just got a finger waggled at me, but I still felt bad).

This is growing on me, though maybe
there are more berries then strictly necessary.
With exercise and knitting production, there were errands that did not get run, and I also decided to be lazy with cooking.  One such lazy dish was Hungry Girl's Growing Oatmeal Bowl.  The concept is simple; double the liquid for the oatmeal, and cook twice as long.  That's it.  Simple!  What you are left with is a stick-to-your-ribs bowl of yummy deliciousness.  I've had this for breakfast three mornings in a row.  So it's official; the reason I was luke warm on oatmeal is because I'd only ever known instant.

I added green, but this still looked pretty red, orange
 and brown to me!
Lunch also featured a grain (bulgur) and was just as lazy.  Sort of.  The concept started as a simple make bulgur and top it with Birds Eye Tuscan Vegetables in Herbed Tomato Sauce (link to LiveStrong).  Then I decided to throw scallions and chopped mushroom into the bulgur.  I then decided that the vegetable mix did not look green enough, and I also had a half of a zucchini that was looking idle... and you know how it goes.  Tasty! I have to recommend the veggies for lazy emergencies, the packages is low calorie and low sodium.  I split it with The Husband on this dish, but could be a lunch all its own as well.  Sauce was very nicely flavored.

No other pictures, except to say that I've discovered the joy of baked kale as a great crunchy snack, though I may try this baked kale in the future (this would be a great healthy oil conveyance).  Dinner was a good ol' baked potato, topped with some green Giant Just For One Broccoli and Cheese, a little bacon, a little fat free sour cream... all sorts of lazy deliciousness.

Busy week up ahead, both work and home... culminating in me having to talk about weight loss & grocery shopping at work on Friday.  Nervous as hell, so I hope I'm not completely useless.

More lazy meals ahead, and hopefully some good news for the up-coming weigh in.  Have a great week out there, I plan on it!

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