Thursday, February 10, 2011


Ack!  I missed two days of blogging!  Did you miss me?

... No, don't answer that!

Preview of Eggplant Parmesan... actually cheesier than me!
So life tends to be busy.  I've been super busy at work, and then afterward home is not very different.  I've been cooking a lot (and even enjoying it, even if I tend to grouch about it sometimes), focusing in on getting my sweater done (and making progress there... just in time for Spring?), and making sure I get plenty of exercise.  I've also set a bed time so I can get up and get lots of this stuff accomplished, so something had to give...  I'm sorry Blog!  It's my intent to blog as much as I can, but perhaps I need to live some life first... and then blog about it.

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

One thing you may be wondering is if I learned my lesson... once, publicly shaming myself with my incessant weighing, did I finally come to grips with myself and not stressed about the numbers so much.  Weeeeeeell... working on it.  I did think about how unhealthy I was being every single time I did hop on.  Though this habit may be new to you, it's been with me since well before even WeightWatchers, which is why I've rarely owned a scale.  I really am working on trying to scale it back (ha-ha!), though yesterday wasn't successful so far.

There is one thing the whole weighing thing revealed to me yesterday.  A couple of days ago during my trauma, I completely forgot that I had an emergency back-up weighing device.  The cute-yet-horrible Wii™ and it's WiiFit™.  So, instead of learning my lesson, I spent my time weighing my self on two different devices.

"I'm just calibrating, just in case this happens again," I confided to The Husband, who merely graced me with his bemused look before going back to shaving.  I hopped downstairs, my sassy-scale weight fresh in my mind, and made ready to hear chastisement and elephant sounds.

This is where I got the first shock of my life.

May 2010 picture while running.
Right now I'm over (in Ron Burgundy voice)
the most GLORIOUS rainbow!
WiiFit™ still wants me to lose weight.  WiiFit™ still wants me to weigh less than my ultimate goal weight.

... WiiFit™ says I'm a normal weight.

No.  That can't be right.

"Let's work on an BMI of 22," it decreed while I just stared at the screen in a blank shock.  I'm not sure I really understood anything that happened after that.  I'm declared normal weight?

"Maybe a good weigh in today," I thought, finally snapping out of it, and rushing back upstairs to get ready for work and my precious WeightWatchers meeting.

... where I learned, from my official source, the same thing WiiFit™ was trying to say.

I am a normal weight for my height.

... I have never, ever been able to say this.  EVER.  I was a chubby toddler, an overweight child, an obese teen, a morbidly obese adult... Normal, as to my personality, was never applicable to my weight in my memory.  

This also means I'm incredibly close to my goal... 11.6 pounds (yeah, I'm trying to land on a whole number).  All of these things... to think that when I first weighed what I did 64 pounds ago, I wished i could weigh just 45 pounds less... and here I am, barreling towards my goal.  

... Let me tell you guys, it can be done.  It can!  Even I can't believe it... but I have to.  It can be done!  (Much WeightWatchers love, and much love to you, who are my support and encouragement).

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

Didn't you used to cook?  Where are your recipe reviews?!

I'd like to imagine that you care and are asking that.  Well, yes!  Have been cooking a few things... quite a few tasty things!  Some didn't make it to pictures, they were that good, but lucky for all of us you'll be subject to my bad photography skills this Friday and weekend as I go over a few winner recipes that you simply must try!

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