Sunday, February 27, 2011

The Swan Dive to 40

This weekend was spent with friends, good times and aging.  Alas, I have reached the final trimester of my "mid-thirties"... one more year before I have to update the blog to describe myself as a woman in her "late-thirties" (but one hopes she can also update the pounds lost from "150+ pounds" to "170+1 to 2 pounds").

It's not really a big deal.  Not like last year.

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I remember distinctly when I realized I would turn 35. 

I mean, I knew I would turn 35 some day (barring some horrific accident or fatal disease stating otherwise)... but there was a precise moment of actually knowing that I would turn 35.  This would mark the first (and so far, only) time I had a problem with aging.

I was 34 at the time, and was signing up to do the Monument 10K.  It was my first time doing any type of activity, though I was just signing up for a walking wave (this event would later turn out to be my realization that I'd never walked 10K before in a row in my life).

There I was, though, 34 years of age.  Losing weight, full of hope, filling out forms with my name, my birth date, address... same for The Husband, and then paying our entry fees.

A few minutes later, confirmation email arrives.  I eagerly open it, (with foolish thoughts that I'd walk 3 of those 10Ks, easy-peasy... after all, all I ever did in Brooklyn was walk).

Read-read-read, make sure all the information is accurate, and--

"Age at time of race: 35."

I stared at the email a few minutes.  I blinked.  I stared some more.

"Age at time of race: 35."

I didn't recall entering my age for anything, and I'm only thirty-fo--

"Age at time of race: 35."

Oh, wait.  My birth date, I entered my birth date... race is after my birthday and...

"Age at time of race: 35."


To this day, I'm not sure why that particular email elicited that particular response out of me.  Suddenly, I wasn't a young, care-free woman of the world, but someone who should be thinking about... I dunno, mature things.  I should be sensible, put away the video games and read the New Yorker... or AARP magazine... or something.  There was much wailing and gnashing of teeth.  There was much blame on my parents, the government, The Husband, and Ukrops...

I would be 35 at the time of the race.  And I was powerless to do anything about it.  

... and that's pretty much the end of the tale... I turned 35, and my universe did not implode.  I did not start an AARP subscription, nor did I stop playing video games.  I have more than likely become less mature than I was at 34.  And once again, I don't have a problem with my age or aging.  

Except a part of me apparently does.  And that part, we may not have seen the last of.  Bua-ha...ha?

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

On a note of complete unrelatedness*, I am still feeling a bit crazy about my weight fluctuation and gain as of late.  I've been under the impression that I'm sleep-consuming Fourthmeal as I couldn't really point to anything else in my daily routine to explain it.  

This is when I realized I was stepping on the scale 20+ times an hour.  With much wailing and gnashing of the teeth.

One of the things I did this weekend was get my hair done, and while waiting for The Husband to fetch me, I read an article (I think in Family Circle) about weight-loss advice debunked (or something similar).  One of the methods being debunked was about weighing one's self (or not).  

The short version of it (too late) is that you should weigh yourself versus not (those that do lose more weight/maintain it better based on studies)... however, just once in the morning.

Okay, I thought.  

So, as of the past two days, I have weighed myself a grand total of... twice.  Once yesterday morning, and once this morning.  I've noted the number on my WeightWatchers tracker, and that's that.  The scale has been pulled out, used, and put away.

Can I last like this?  ... we'll see.

My other change is that I realize I've been doing a lot of exercise at home, but have foregone the running.  Which is bad considering the 10K is right around the corner now.  Tomorrow (as that is my first actionable day to do something about it), the running gets back on track.  We'll see how these things translate in the coming weeks, and make more changes as needed until I'm back going towards my goal instead of away from it.  

Wish me luck!

* I totally made this word up.

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