Saturday, January 22, 2011

Healthy Is Sick!

A couple of years (and over 150 pounds ago) I always felt sick.  I was either sick, or I was sicker.  It was the natural state of things, and likely because even though declared physically healthy by the doctor, I was obese.  Makes sense to me.

At the time, sickness held no real value.  It was just a constant state of being.  The Husband maintained that I always seemed sick after I ate.  I felt more like Arnold J. Rimmer, when told he constantly failed his astronavigation exam.  "Constantly fails the exam? I'd hardly call eleven times "constantly". I mean, if you eat roast beef eleven times in your life, one would hardly say that person constantly eats roast beef. No, it would be a rare, nay, freak occurrence."

So flash forward to today.  Most days, I feel great.  Genki even!  It's incredible to feel... incredible.  I usually want run and jump and skip and play.

Then are the days I get sick.  Being able to tell the difference between sick and sick... not quite so incredible.  Right now, I have a cold.  Not sure where I got it from, and I will not be thanking the person who gave it to me.  The bad thing is, I am pretty sure this is not as sick as one can be (it's just getting to me I guess because healthy is so darn healthy).  I fear that day.

Speaking of fear, I really hope it is warm (not too warm) and non-rainy on 10K this year.  I just realized that the weather could be anything.  Last year it was bitter cold, and I was pretty out of shape.  Not that I am the paragon of health (even when I feel healthy, thanks).

So finally, the dinner docket (either tonight or tomorrow) will be this:  nice Spicy Soba Noodles.  I've been obsessing over it since we'd been over a friend's house and smelled it... ah, so good!  That being said... I have also been obsessing over it because I'll be modding the living heck out of it!  Less noodles, more veggies and color and... ah, can't wait to see what kind of thing I make out of it!  Hope it is edible, wish me luck!

(Hopefully I don't sneeze all over it and make The Husband sick... but his illness is pretty inevitable, we've never been able to not share colds...)

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