Friday, January 21, 2011

A Wii­™ Bit Overweight

Every now and again, The Husband and I go out to Buffalo Wild Wings with some friends.  I usually wind up getting the same thing every time:

Naked tenders
Buffalo chips
Salad (hold the cheese and croutons!) with smidge' of fat free ranch

Not the splurgiest of splurges one could have there, but I've found every time I'm satisfied with the meal... so I find it hard to break the habit.  I am a creature of habit sometimes.

Of course, my running habit is now broken as I have not run for almost a week (aside from my ill-fated attempt).  I will try again tomorrow morning, hopefully get back into pace with my week 3 of 8 weeks to 10K training.  My 10K will be here before I know it.  I won't be ready... but at least this time I do feel like I will make it through without cursing non-stop between miles 5 and 6, only to have immense relief drop to sheer horror when the realization hits that there is .2 miles to go... and then a mile or so walk to the car...


So I have been exercising at least.  Verizon On Demand has kept me "entertained" with Jillian Michael's 30 Day Shred and CRUNCH Action Sports Chisel (I may end up purchasing both as I do tend to like them, for all the pain they cause...)  Both wind up kicking my patootie since I'd neglected any strength or toning up until recently.

Today I even checked in with Wii Fit, which I had not done in a while.  It chastised me for not checking in for a while (I tend to do other stuff for exercise is all) and, as I go through the body tests, the thing is telling me that my healthy weight is a weight I'll never be... because it is too small.  It wants me to be 10lbs lighter than my goal weight (which I find ambitious, and just small enough if I can get there), but seriously.  It makes me want not want to play for the sheer fact that while I'm finally not obese (and well beyond not being obese, so yay for that), I'll never be a normal weight.

Whereas my husband now is a normal Wii™ weight, but still 10lbs above where he wants to be.  Stupid, sexist silly video game.


On a high note, have been hitting my Good Health Guidelines (according to WW at least) since January 10th.  So yay me for getting in the silly healthy oils and 30 minutes of activity a day!

Yes, I'll toot my own horn.  TOOT, baby!  I've otherwise had a pretty crappy day, so at least I have some happy to think about.  

Tomorrow, I'll likely knit, and I'll finally make my mushroom sandwich I've been craving to make since last week... let the cooking experiments begin!

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