Wednesday, January 19, 2011

I Love That Movie!

The Good:

  • I did not gain weight according to this week's weigh-in.
  • Delicious sushi @ Tokyo Sushi.
  • Supernatural with good friends (with bonus Chi and Tea!)
  • Bananas!  They are zero PointsPlus after all... and go well with Chi and Tea!

The Bad:

  • I did not lose weight according to this week's weigh-in.  (I know.  Shaddup.)
  • Undeserved ache in my shoulder.
  • Fully deserved ache in my thigh.
  • Feeling of restlessness.

The Ugly:

  • Me after a session with a Jillian Michaels video.
  • The already mentioned thigh.
  • No knitting accomplished again.
  • Feeling super cold on the warmest day we've had in a while.

And... finally:

The Utterly Hilarious:
Me entering my weight into the online tools to be congratulated on my weight loss, followed by the announcement I lost 0 pounds!  I suppose a maintenance can be considered a loss of pounds I didn't gain... really?  In any case, when I saw the pop-up, I laughed for a good while.

No cooking tomorrow, but I have bread I think will work for my crazy low cal mushroom onion sandwich idea... hope to try this weekend, as well as this recipe our friends were making when we watched Supernatural that smelled heavenly.  'Cause they tend to do that, and it tends to be good. :)

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