Tuesday, October 11, 2011


Have spent the day in pain, though it is starting to lift a bit.  I hope it lifts a lot more in short order, as sick is not my thing.

The story of me and cow goes like this:  There used to be a time where I thought cow was the only way to choke down A1 sauce, or possibly the other way around.  Then I got introduced to medium well (good bye, A1), medium, medium rare, and then rare.  Each I liked better and better.  Eventually I arrived at the one I like best of all:  The one where the cow lives and I don't have to eat it.  

I think it is funny, at least, when I think about it.  May be the delirium from pain killers.

Those who know me know I am a fan of cows (as well as turtles, rabbits and frogs).  I may have more than one cow stuffed animal, and who cares if I'm in my mid-to-late 30s?  When The Husband and I went pumpkin picking (for about 3 minutes before his job called), I got to meander around and grab a few snaps of some cows and other things that I'll share... as I'm too low energy to blog about food and cooking, and those need time and care.

I bet you're surprised I take time and care on this blog.  I was certainly surprised I even wrote that sentence.


I wish I'd picked this up, these are so darn cute.
Is The Husband taking notes?

No.By the way... when will "then" be "now"?

Was my grandmother's name Macintosh Apple?

When I was a kid visiting relatives in NC, one had a rider mower
that I was insanely jealous of.  This is not a rider mower,
but I like to commemorate the moment I was jealous
of a straw man.

When my husband
saw this, his mind went to corn sex.

Now I know what to do with my water tank.

So I told you I love cows.
I can now tell you sometimes I'm creeped out by them.

Though this guy was cute.

I don't believe I signed a release for this picture of me .
I may be due some royalties...

* Either a great cow impersonation, or a bad ghost impersonation.  Any Ghost.

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