Monday, October 10, 2011

Veggin' Out

I enjoy my own cooking.  From start to finish.

It's a good thing.

I savor cooking, the endless chopping and grinding and whisking and folding and impatient hopping on one foot waiting for water to boil.
A bit of foreshadowing:  We'll begin and end with
a shot of a breakfast meal...
Then, I get to eat whatever masterpiece springs forth from my kitchen.

... but maybe I exaggerate.  They're not all masterpieces.  Mostly though, which I'm fine with.

I'm also fine with mistakes... from there rises learning.

However, I do enjoy eating out.  Recently the experience has been made that much more pleasurable by having some vegan options.

By an extraordinary stroke of pure luck*, I had three.  In a row!

I think you are plotting to make me eat plants in this very loud
hipster establishment, woman!  Wait, what?
What did you say?
You're adorably old, my dear The Husband.

We got to hit up The Bellytimber Tavern the night we went to The Byrd Theater for A Night with the Mighty Wurlitzer.  The Husband got himself a white pizza with 'maters on top (certainly not The Husband 'maters, but it smelled pretty tasty).  For me, a Vegan Veggie pizza.  Only my second vegan pizza ever in the history of ever.  And the first since I actually started eating vegan food for serious.  The pizza was very tasty, but not really tasting of pizza in the cheese department.  I think they use Daiya?  Not sure... it tasted creamy.  I'll have to experiment more with this.

The Bellytimber Tavern
This pie was flippin' HUGE.  If I didn't have my totally
imaginary second stomach for pizzas only,
I may not have been able to finish the whole thing.

Was he sad he didn't get a vegan pie?
That it was not bigger?  That the place
was so loud he couldn't hear his pizza?

This had broccolini, shrooms, onions, olives, 'mater sauce, 
and not cheese.  Tasted good, but unexpectedly creamy.
Fun fact: That ring on my thumb is my original wedding band.

The next day saw us at a race, followed by five minutes at a pumpkin patch (unfortunately for us, his job rang and he had to answer...)

The Husband noted he selected his B'klyn<3
from a bin very much like this one once.
... And they say romance is dead.
Him, me and orange carriages.  Something
about that rings familiar...
"Hey!  This is vegan!"

Below, sadly, is the one sad picture I managed to take of my meal at Sticky Rice in mid-devour.  There also managed to be a seaweed salad, a cucumber-umeboshi roll, and "Garden Balls"... so entirely too much food, but this monstrosity took the cake.  The fake fowl in this "Mock Chicken Szechuan" was nothing short of uncanny.  I admit; I had to confirm it was vegan.  Very tasty (fresh crisp veg, sweet pineapple, buckwheat noodles forever...), I may need to restrain myself from it in the future due to temptation to attempt a whole-bowl hoovering...

You can easily share this bowl with 3 of your friends
or 1 of your The Husband.

Sunday was a fun day where I got to go to a Vegetarian/Vegan lunch event! It took place at Mise en Place, and it was my first time ever going there... by myself in a car (remind me to enlighten you one day about how I don't drive anywhere ever... until recently).  It was my first time as such an event... well, since college, when I went to an etiquette dinner where the teacher advised I was doing it all wrong and grabbed my utensils from me, causing me to feel deeper shame than Catholicism ever did.

It was not my first time being late to anything though.

I had Vegan (Chickpea!) Frittata topped with Daiya, Root Vegetable Hash, and a vegan Cinnamon Bun.  The event was to help sponsor a chef leaving to study in China... ah, what tasty treats there will be in the future then!  This was so good.  I did want seconds of everything!

The meal shrank away from me in fear.
It knew it's tasty demise was imminent.
I'm excited to try even more tasty vegan treats around town... there appear to be several options.  However, right now B'klyn<3s need rest and relaxation... and they can't find a better place for that than in their own kitchen.

*All strokes of luck are meticulously planned at least 8 days in advance.  It still means I'll be late for something.

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