Sunday, October 9, 2011

Ode To The Husband's Brush With Fitness

He only looks cool.  Really, he's a bigger
dork than I am.
I figured for once you wouldn't want to hear about me and my (continued, yes!) struggles to run (and knit, and cook vegan, and chop carrots with fine precision, and the 872 hour process to make Beans on Toast... or some odd derivative).

Sometimes you want to hear about the man.

My man.

The Husband.

He did not join Weight Watchers with me, but he was very supportive.  As a result of not making me cook any other food except the low fat, healthy food I wanted to eat, he lost 100 pounds himself.  Which goes to show a couple of things:
  1. Anything you do healthy for yourself can be delicious and benefit your family.

  2. Sometimes, [Insert Your Diety of Choice Here] is unfair, and grants men the uncanny ability to eat P.F. Chang's Great Wall of Chocolate, not exercise really, and still lose 100 pounds.  It's great if you are capable of this... just don't mind me as I stare at you with daggers dripping in jealousy and loathing.  At least the daggers are made of love?
He did not go vegetarian, but he did not complain about the delicious vegetarian dishes I made for him the past few months.

He did not become a Veganist, but he's continued to support me in my endeavours and has enjoyed all of the delicious vegan food I've made for him.  Except perhaps the one thing.

He certainly did not become a runner, but every now and again he'll join me at a run on occasion.  It started out as 5K walks, and while I've taken off running, he still comes out, supports, and walks.

One day, I'd like to convince him the below rare occurance could be sustained over many minutes and that he could run with me.  I'd love that... but at least he's out there.  He's supporting and he's trying.

He may not always be by my side, but I know he's always got my back.

The Husband!

See The Husband!

See The Husband run!

Run, The Husband!  Run!

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