Saturday, November 19, 2011

Seven Things Saturday: Changes

Two-fer: Not only do I like veggies, I drink
them for breaky.
So I think I will start my own blogary tradition by doing a Seven Things Saturday.  It's a straight forward concept, about as complicated as Beans on Toast, although not as edible:  I'll tell you seven things about a topic, and this will occur on a Saturday.

Today's topic:  Changes - Things that are different nowadays to how the used to be.  Looking back:

1) I spent much of my childhood-through-teenage life trying my very best to avoid running at all cost.  One day in HS my gym clothes were stolen.  There was pretty much zero tolerance for missing gym, so I did have detention.  I didn't care; it was an alternative to running and it was kind of funny to hear nuns gasp.

2) I also spent much of my life trying to avoid consumption of the anti-pizza:  vegetables.  The smell of cooking greens made me gag.  I remember the odd sensation I had the other day inhaling a lungful of roasting brussels sprouts and the joy it brought, and my brain went back to a time where that same smell would have made me empty pizza upon the floor.

3) I consumed pizza every day.  Every day.*

4) I used to be quite the competitive person when I think about it.  I really wanted to kick butt in speech and worked pretty hard at it.  Nowadays when I run, I am only really competing against myself... though now I wonder if this is changing again...

5) I used to want, with all of my heart, straight hair.  I have a much healthier relationship with my curls these days, though my iron now feels quite lonely.

6) I used to want, with all of my heart (that wasn't already devoted to eating pizza or wanting straight hair or winning a speech competition that was out of state so I didn't have to go to gym and run that day), to wear glasses.  Then I had to wear glasses, which is not nearly as fun as wanting to wear them when you don't have to.  This may be changing though, I'm warming up to them...

7) I'm moving!  In a few days, this blog will be moved to it's new home, post and links coming soon!

The woman in this picture loves to run
but cannot feel her toes.  Brr, it was cold!

* Something that hasn't changed?  The desire to eat pizza every day.  Every day.  Good thing I don't keep Brooklyn in my refrigerator.

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