Friday, November 11, 2011

Workout Log Challenge - Days 11 and 12

I am thinking of renaming this space Tales of the Ultra-lazy blogger.  Also, my numbering is way off at this point, but I've fixed my posts of past!

Spinning on...

A 'la Oh She Glows

Date: 2011-11-09 (AKA, Day 11)

Type of workout/duration: Morning - Running, 30 minutes.

Hours of sleep: 6 hours, but interrupted.  Thankfully I had a nap the previous afternoon.

My mood before/during/after exercise: Oh.  My.  GOD.  Things that a B'klynHeart does not heart include cold such that her fingers fall off, snot freezes to her face, and her lungs burn, and dark, which seems to just exacerbate those previously mentioned issues.  These things were very much present the morning of this run.  Yet... frankly, I had to convince myself to stop running as to not to be late for work.  Such was the joy and pleasure and power of this run.

Exercise struggles:  Seriously.  I had to convince myself to stop.  I did indulge in an extra lap.  It really defied logic.

Exercise progress:  I'm feeling so great these days.  I'm actually recognizing that I've made what they call in the industry "progress".  No means am I great... or even good... but it does feel good to feel like I'm actually going somewhere.

How I felt the rest of the day: Pretty good.  Still awed by the fact I didn't want to stop.

Other things to note: Wear gloves.


Date: 2011-11-10 (AKA, Day 12)

Type of workout/duration: Morning - Running, 30 minutes.

Hours of sleep: A million.  Seriously.  I think I went to bed at 5:30PM or something.  Okay, no not really.  I did have 8 hours (interrupted once) of sleep.  Maybe even 9.  I did go to bed stupid early.

My mood before/during/after exercise: Another great run.  This one felt more powerful than the last.  It certainly wasn't as cold either and I actually managed to remember to wear gloves.  That really helped.

Exercise struggles:  None again.  I think I was sprinting at one point.  It was very fun.  Okay, I got to the point of cool down outside of my house when I thought I saw a shady character.  So I did scoot inside to finish cool down. 

Exercise progress:  Again, feeling strong.  I think I'm done with the self praise though, got to get back on track of progress.

How I felt the rest of the day: Another great day.  Hyper even.  God, I love energy!

Other things to note: My homework over the weekend is to run in the 8K for the Richmond Marathon this weekend, and investigate any early morning running clubs.

*snicker* double doody.  Totally not what I typed... but *snicker* *snicker*

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