Thursday, November 3, 2011

Workout Log Challenge - Day 5

Day 5... right on!

A 'la Oh She Glows

Date: 2011-11-03

Type of workout/duration: Morning - Crunch Chisel, 20 minutes; In the Middle - Run, 20 minutes; Evening - Crunch Abs and Ass, 20 minutes.

Hours of sleep: 6 hours yet again, this is habit forming.

My mood before/during/after exercise: I have to say, I've felt great all day.

Exercise struggles:  Abs and Ass was a bit more difficult this time around for some reason, but I muddled through regardless.  

Exercise progress:  I'm really getting into this again.  Things are starting to hurt less.  Oh, they still hurt.  Also, today's run was glorious.  I found another song that makes me cry though. :)

How I felt the rest of the day: Good day today, gives me energy.

Other things to note:  Gym didn't happen today, but I'll make it happen tomorrow.  Not sure if I can get a run in, but I will try my darndest.

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